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Be a specialist with GROW lab Bootcamps

3 bootcamps
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Product Designer
design thinking
ux research
user testing methods
ui kit
Business Analyst
agile techniques
document building
business process analysis
Startup Business Developer
idea generating
validation techniques
canvas pratices
startup development

A live and immersive
learning experience

These "Bootcamps" are completely different from course teaching. Here, we provide practical experience, not theoretical lectures. Therefore, you will improve yourself based on real projects and problems based on the mechanism of learn-by-doing.

Practical Sessions
You undertake active tasks, act by finding real problems and their solutions.
Each person who completes the camp receives an Official Certificate, letter of recommendation, portfolio building, Linkedin recommendation and profile building support.
1:1 mentorship
You will receive individual mentoring and feedback from experts in our team on the solutions you find.
Individual and team working
You gain experience both by taking on tasks individually and by working on tasks with other colleagues in the Agile team.
Career planning support
At the end of the camp, we provide theoretical support on interview preparation, approach to real job interview tasks, preparation, presentation and interview techniques.
In real startup projects you work as a member of an Agile team with real tasks.
3 members
The opportunity to work in mini-groups created to provide an effective working environment.
3 time at week/ part time
You are intensively given the chance to gain more practical experience in less time.

Bootcamp info

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"GROW lab" Talent Factory side, launches its own Practical Bootcamp curriculum, which will cover 3 industries:

1. Product designer
2. Business Analyst
3. Startup Business Developer

Gaining practical experience (90%) as well as theoretical (10%) knowledge is prioritized in this program. So, by taking part in our Bootcamps, you gain quick experience and the opportunity to demonstrate yourself in real projects with intensive tasks.
Your career will greatly benefit from this program's enhancement of your practical abilities and real-project behavior.

If you have just graduated from university or a course and want to gain real practical experience working on projects, you can apply now.
The rest of the time you can use our co-working space.
Technical equipment must be provided by yourself.
If you do not know anything about the subject you want to attend, this program will not help you.
It’s a program that enables those who know the theory to practice in real projects and improve their approach.
At the end of the bootcamp, you can become part of the GROW lab factory based on your KPI results.
At the end of the program you will be given support for CV editing and interview preparation.
This is not an internship program.
This program isn’t a training program, not a course.
On site.
Time and durations
The minimum duration for each module will be 1 month. You can continue by experiencing other modules. In order to master a full field, you need to participate in a 6-month program. You can buy each month separately. It is up to you.
Regardless of your program, bootcamps are only part-time and 3 days a week.
You can get help from at least 3 mentors.
If you have just graduated from university or a course and want to gain real practical experience working on projects, you can apply now.
We have 2 types of pricing policies: For students, For graduates.
There are 3 different price packages for both types: Beginner - 2 months, Intermediate - 4 months, Advanced - 6 months.
You cannot select monthly; instead, you must select one of the packages. Each package provides you with experience and certification at a different level.

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Starting from the first day, I encountered a lot to learn and comprehend. At first, I was intimidated by working with lean methodology in an agile environment as I knew very little about these terms. But eventually, I get used to these methods and I started to apply the features of agile in my own life. Moreover, the practical experience that I get here means a lot to me. Surrounding by startup and entrepreneurship environment made me think about my future plans twice.
Nihat Huseynov
I had a great experience working at GROW lab. The team is supportive, management is approachable and the work environment is positive and productive. The company culture is inclusive, diverse and provided opportunities for professional growth.
Aysu Ismayilova
Working at GROW lab in agile environment is amazing experience for me. The team is supportive, the management is approachable and the work environment is positive and productive. GROW lab culture is inclusive, diverse and provided opportunities for professional growth. I am able to work with startups in agile environment which help me to enhance my skills and knowledge. I would highly recommend GROW lab as a great opportunity for anyone looking to work in a dynamic, innovative and stimulating environment.
Ayxan Mustafayev
As someone who struggled to discover who she was before joining GROW lab, I am really appreciative of all the opportunities I have had. It was a tremendous chance to grow for the third-year student who had no prior knowledge of entrepreneurship, startups, agile, or lean methodologies. I am grateful to GROW lab not only for the knowledge, but also for the people, network and a new little family.
Solmaz Akberova
GROW lab is the environment where I have been developing myself from the first day I joined here. Collaboration with great teams, working in terms of Agile methodology, and continuous learning are only some of the main advantages of being here. Here is one of the best places where youth can learn and boost their skills during their university years.
Adil Huseynli
Here we discover, practice and learn how to improve the product using new methods. Constantly working in a startup environment not only familiarizes us with the ecosystem but also gives us practical entrepreneurial knowledge.
Minura Asadova
My GROW lab experience is a really worthwhile experience. The team is kind and encouraging, and I have had the chance to work on an agile environment and contribute to the company's growth. The mentors were informed and available at all times to offer advice and criticism. I learned useful information and skills in my profession, and I am appreciative of the chance to have practical experience with startups. I heartily endorse GROW lab as a fantastic place to work and advance your career.
Konul Mammadova
The Agile workplace culture encourages cooperation and teamwork, which has enabled me to develop and grow professionally and personally. The level of practical experience demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and excellence. I am honored to be a part of such a creative and successful team, and I look forward to furthering my career here.
Anar Mammadzada
Since I started GROW lab, I have gained invaluable experiences related to both my field and other fields. Grow Lab helps to study all processes from the first stage to the last stage of a startup by incorporating agile methodology. Here, we conduct research on projects and then apply them to real events, so this practical experience is very advantageous for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Fatima Guliyeva